The High Stakes of Gambling Censorship

The province of Quebec has proposed new legislation that, if enacted, would ban internet service providers from offering certain content through their access. Not surprisingly, this list of content would include various online gambling sites that have not been authorized by Quebec’s government. The government has publicly stated that their own gambling services have fallen short of expectations, and new means for providing these services would generate millions of dollars in revenue. Though the bill has not been officially accepted, it poses a serious obstacle for online slots casinos and other establishments that currently provide their internet-based services to consumers within the province.

First and foremost, I am an advocate of freedom of information. It ties in to the pursuit of knowledge as it relates to improving your life and the lives of others. Additionally, the internet has and always should be a wide-open platform with which individuals can share ideas with each other. There is no telling the number of successful business stories that have come about as a result of the exchange of information through the medium of the internet. Though this initial bill may appear fairly innocuous, it threatens to open the door for a precedent that will influence censorship in the future of information technology.

Another thing that comes to mind is how badly the government really needs a piece of every pie. Due to the fact that Quebec’s governing body has an online gambling service that fails to live up to projected statistics, this new attempt to butt in as the middleman has the same stench as any other nefarious activity. Of course, it’s legal if the government makes it legal, right? Individuals who like the freedom of choice in online slots casinos and other establishments for gambling entertainment where they spend their hard-earned money should be seriously concerned that a foundation for censorship is even being considered for application.

Fortunately, civil liberty unions and other interest groups have been successful in getting these bills shot down. In the United States alone between the years 2005 and 2012, a total of five attempts were made to pass bills that would contain provisions regarding net neutrality. All of these attempts have failed. Opponents of these bills have stated that any type of regulation on the internet sets the dangerous precedent for even more restrictive regulation. For now, citizens of Quebec can enjoy the content that they prefer. It seems like a long shot that any bill of the sort would pass in the near future. However, it would undoubtedly be a snowball effect that cannot be allowed to get the legislative nudge down the mountain.

Credit to Toronto Star for getting me riled up. The source news article can be viewed here:

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