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Privacy Policy Casino Expert Online

The information provided on is not intended to be misconstrued as an endorsement or direction for the purchase of products or services.

Casino Expert’s website may be changed at any time and is not responsible for missing or inaccurate information. Furthermore, Casino Expert does not claim responsibility for the reliability, currency, accuracy, text, links, graphics, or missing information that may be found at As such, all information that is shared on is posted as it was submitted, and Casino Expert issues no warranties or guarantees.

The links that may be found on are not the responsibility of Casino Expert. Casino Expert Online accepts no responsibility for inaccurate or missing information on Casino Expert does their best to keep their website accurate and free of errors, however they accept no responsibility for missing or inaccurate information.

Casino Expert Online is not responsible in whole or in part for any losses incurred on This disclaimer of liability includes Casino Expert staff and management. It is foremost agreed that you are responsible for the risks involved with the use of

The content provided on is protected by copyright laws and may not be used without written consent from All content is copyrighted and protected by trademark laws.

Local laws and regulations need to be addressed before gaming on The players on must be of the legal gambling age, pay appropriate taxes due, and must be playing in a state and country where gambling is legal. It is the player’s responsibility to be knowledgeable of the current rules and regulations of their individual area. Casino Expert does not offer their services to players in the United States.

In the event that inaccurate or missing information is realized, Casino Expert and are open to the corrections and additions that our site visitors supply to us. Providing Casino Expert with this information will help to correct and enhance the customer’s experience and satisfaction. We strive to be as accurate, complete, and current with our content as possible. Submissions and suggestions are welcomed to create a better experience for all players.

Please refrain from straying outside of your monetary means. Only bet with money that you can afford.

For professional help with gambling problems, please contact either the National Council on Problem Gambling, GamCare, or Gamblers Anonymous.


The information about you that is shared on may be collected and used by Casino Expert. Thoroughly read this policy to assure that you understand this policy, and what it may share with other sites including

All information and is the property of Casino Expert, which is located at ADDRESS. In this privacy policy, Casino Expert is hereby referred to as “us”, “we”, “our”, or “Casino Expert”.

The acceptance of Terms and Conditions or participating on allows the processing and collection of information as per this Privacy Policy.

I. Information and How It Is Collected may collect the following information from the following sources provided in accordance with current privacy laws and the parameters set forth in the Privacy Policy:

l. Email

The visitors of are able to sign-up for marketing messages to be delivered to their email account. By providing with an email address and other information needed, users will receive communications by accepting the Privacy Policy. In the event that consent is given for the release of this information, we may use the information provided by visitors and advertisers to inform interested parties in opportunities from advertisers to make the parties aware of further products and services offered by Casino Expert or their affiliates. We reserve the right to use a third party email service to send these messages. Any party receiving these automated messages is given the opportunity to end communications with the messaging service using the appropriate links to unsubscribe. Any third party enacted on Casino Expert’s behalf will be held to the same security compliance and act only on our permission.

In the event that additional services require additional information, this information will be collected and used as per the Privacy Policy indicates.

2. Web Beacons and Cookies

Upon visiting, web beacons and cookies will be used for:


This text string of words is used by and stored on your hard disk of your computer is saved so that we can recall the address of the computer and who the user is.

This type of information will include such things as the address from which the cookie was generated, the term of the cookie, and a number that is picked at random.

Each time you visit our site, we send out cookies. These cookies are primarily used for:

  • sign in information for last page recall
  • target the banners and advertising to your taste
  • track your preferences
  • allow security measures such as re-logging in after a time out session
  • share internal information with the computer
  • research for improvements in products, services, or content
  • aid in the detection of fraud and unethical activities


You can control the cookies on your computer by changing some of the settings on your system. These settings can be adjusted to accept all cookies, notify the user when cookies are activated, or reject all cookies that are attempted to be downloaded. Systems have different parameters for settings, so it is important to check the settings on your system. The “help” menu may instruct you on where to find these controls. In the event that the settings are not accepting cookies, may not function properly. This may also affect the function of sites that are affiliated with Casino Expert and the visitor may not be able to access and experience the full experience.

(b)Web Beacons

Some web pages contain what are called web beacons. These electronic files allow to track the amount of users who visit the site and from where they are visiting. These beacons are used identify and count the visitors to our site through Casino Expert. This information is used to analyze the flow of internet traffic and determine what is the most productive and active area. In the event that the cookies are blocked on a computer by the user, the site will still function normally, however it will not be able to track the path of the user. The information that would be collected is used to be able to quickly recall and link the previous session to the current session when visiting the site.


It is the user’s sole discretion to choose to no longer supply the site with the information listed above to Casino Expert. This cancellation process can be done by disabling the cookies on your computer. If you are unsure how to disable the cookies, often utilizing the help tool to find instructions is helpful. Be aware that the disabling of this information sharing collection may affect the function and options that you are given on

Note: The opt-out option is for the exemption of the current browser, not current user. This action taken to opt-out of the use of cookies on this site will need to be repeated on each device that is used to access Once this action has been completed, you will no longer have information stored about your activities. This will also eliminate the future notifications from some product endorsements and certain promotional opportunities.

3. Sweepstakes and Promotions

Information is often collected about you when you sign up for these types of opportunities. By sharing your information on this page, the sweepstakes holder or promotions director can target you to receive notifications of opportunities that arise within their sites. This Privacy Policy information is repeated and explained on the sweepstakes or promotion page where you sign-up to enter the promotion.

4. Information About Your Computer

When you sign in to our site, we collect information about the address of your computer and information such as the type of operating system that you are using, and your browser version that you are using. Upon request from the site that you are trying to visit, your computer sends that system your IP address. This Internet Protocol address is the destination that you want that site to send the information to in order for you to receive it. This address will stay the same for systems that use a cable or hard line connection for their internet access. For those users who are using a dial up system, the IP address will be different every time that the browser is logged in to a site.


Our company receives your IP address every time that you view a page on the web. The users can also be traced by utilizing the Internet Service Provider.

Internet Protocol addresses can also be used for such thing as:

  • solve technical problems that are reported by users or engineers of a specific ISP
  • target advertising and products to specific demographic
  • track foreign countries and regions analytics
  • log requested pages and IP addresses of interested parties
  • monitor unscrupulous and fraudulent actions


II. Information Sharing

In the event that Casino Expert is bought or merged with another company, we reserve the right to share information that has been collected with them. You will be notified immediately of the change in the Privacy Policy. This message will be delivered to you separate from all other notifications and announcements. It is then your responsibility to read the new policy and reject it if you are not in agreement.

For uses specified in the Privacy Policy, we may share information about you to other companies that Casino Expert is associated with. This may involve companies that are located worldwide. For further information on Casino Expert, visit to get the current update on our status and current events.

Casino Expert has assigned safety measures for the users of These safety precautions are to keep your information safe from loss, unauthorized use, unauthorized access, or unauthorized information, and unauthorized changes. Regardless, the internet is vulnerable to attack and may be accessed by unscrupulous people. Casino Expert assumes no responsibility for the loss of any afore mentioned information or unauthorized changes.

In the event that we are contacted by legal authorities such as police or court systems, we are obligated to fully cooperate with these authorities in the sharing of the collected data. This applies to any, all other information has been collected, and that is required by law to be surrendered to the authorities.

III. Other

These policies may be changed and updated at our discretion. Users of will be notified prior to major changes to the Privacy Policy. This notice will be posted on this site.

Our sites are not intended for persons under the age of 18 years. At no time shall the advertising or targeting of children be conducted by Casino Expert.

The information that is collected about you is one hundred percent voluntary. You do not have to participate with the divulging of your personal information. However, it may affect the use of the site. This may also affect the product and services that are available to you.

You have the right to request a copy of the information that is collected about you by Casino Expert. You also have the right to know how much of this information is held by us. You may also desire to have the information deleted, erased, made anonymous, or be blocked and you have the right to do so. It may be your desire to have your information corrected or updated. The denial of the information collection aspect of this site may alter or corrupt the use of the site and some of its components.

Casino Expert adheres to good practices of quality content, policies, and practices. It is not responsible for the practices of other sites that may be linked from this site. These external sites may not follow the same guidelines that has in place. Therefore, we assume no responsibility for the worthiness of their content.

To contact us with any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, we can be contacted via this website’s contact form.

* Player’s Winnings are estimates based on an accumulation of wins over ten years. The data is compiled from affiliate data and personal player recollections.

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